Throwing a party or celebration of any kind requires more than the usual amounts of efforts. Of course, the food is going to be one of the key items that every party must have. Whether its an elegant dinner party or a happening shindig, appetizers are the way to go.

The hardest questions is….what do you serve?

BLT Crostini, Fava Bean and Mint Crostini, Mushroom Buratta Crostini

Finger foods are easy and delicious ways to show your guests how much you appreciate their presence.

At The Urban Oven, we specialize in inventing tasty crunchy crostini’s, like our smoked Bacon Jam topped with arugula and fresh juicy tomatoes. Or our mixed Mushroom and Burrata Crostini seasoned with aromatic thyme, kosher salt and cracked black pepper. We also have a vibrant Fava Bean and Mint spread that is finished with sharp shaved parmesan cheese and contains just a hint of lemon juice.

For something on the more robust side of things, we have our very popular and eternally delicious Italian Meatballs.

meatball app pic

A 24 hour process that includes the finest cuts of meat, an assortment of dried herbs and spices, and a homemade sauce that completes the mouthwatering taste that no one can resist. We hand make each and every single one and serve them with just a sprinkle of micro-greens (upon request) for an appetizer that appeals to the eye and palate.

It’s just as you suspected, we are good at what we do. We also have more options to choose from that fit within the dietary needs of even the pickiest eaters.

I hope you are ready for a multitude thanks and applause for a party well done, because with us as your caterers, the rave reviews will be endless.