Lunch doesn’t have to be a choice between a cold cut sandwich or a hot but too heavy meal. It can be the perfect marriage between quality and quantity.

Looking for some lean,  green , vegetarian cuisine? Try our Tre Verde Pizza.

A delightfully crunchy and well roasted array of tender sliced asparagus spears, crisp green onions and fresh chopped kale. This is cooked under a lean layer of mozzarella and parmesan cheese. We finally top our veggie pizza with virgin olive oil, crushed red pepper flakes, and a dash of kosher sea salt.

Tre Verde woodfired pizza

Hungry for something meaty and filling? Out Fennel Sausage Pizza is sure to do the trick.

The thin hand-stretched is generously ladled with crushed tomatoes that have been  blended with sweet basil and spices to make the perfect pomodoro sauce. Mozzarella cheese forms the base for our home-made sausage, which made with the finest cuts of meat ad freshly roasted fennel seeds. A little fennel pollen leaves a bright and savory flavor behind.

Fennel Sausage

Craving a heavy meal without the guilt? The Potato Leek is the perfect compromise.

A white pizza the begins with oven baked slices of seasoned potatoes. We cover this in a heavy serving of Gruyere cheese, zesty slivered leeks, and freshly chopped aromatic thyme. A drizzle of olive oil and pepper completes this hearty lunch time treat.

Potato Leek wood-fired pizza


Still need convincing? Come visit our truck and find out how we can make your lunch nothing short of artisan crafted perfection.