Those fragrant plants that line a windowsill, grow in a backyard garden, or are thoughtfully purchased from your neighborhood grocery store. The zing to your dish, and often enough, just the well though out decoration. Herbs are fragrant and powerfully healthy additions to any meal, not to mention their incredible flavors…

And we use them every single day.



What pizzeria could function without it? From our fresh crushed tomato sauce, to our homemade Italian Meatballs, and our classic Margherita pizza. Basil is one of our foundational ingredients and we would be lost without this sweet, spicy, clover-like herb.

basil bunch


This bright, minty, peppery plant is a feature on our Crimini mushroom pizza. It pairs perfectly with the bed of cheese that we generously lay down over our thin hand-stretched crust and top with perfectly sliced and earthy brown mushrooms. A mouth watering treat to say the least.

thyme bunch


The leaves of this plant has quite a bite, strong in flavor and scent. It’s wispy leaves are liberally sprinkled over our Tre Fungi pizza. The aroma alone is enough to draw a crowd, but the mixture of tangy and sweet dill combined with jalapeno peppers and creamy cheese is what keeps those crowds coming back for so much more.

dill bunch


This woodsy and piney herb has a gentle aroma and a reputation for bringing prosperity and luck to it’s grower. In the case of our Bianco pizza, loaded with rich zesty parmesan cheese and topped with rosemary marinated red onion rings, the flavor alone is like winning a pizza lottery. We sprinkle even more of this beautiful herb onto this pizza while it cooks, a fortunate flavor combination indeed.

rosemary bunch


Using herbs, either fresh or dried, is a great way to bring vibrant and enriching notes to any recipe. Try any of our signature or classic pizzas, and let your mouth thank you for the abundance of taste that it is going to happily receive!