Veggie pizza is an all time favorite, there’s something about crunchy vegetable medleys on top of gooey cheese with the zesty bite of tomatoes that makes a person’s mouth water. However, not all vegetable pizza’s are created the same.

It has happened before, the eager anticipation of receiving the perfect slice or personal pizza covered in crispy savory roasted vegetables is suddenly changed to complete disappointment. Soggy eggplant, rubbery mushrooms, and burnt slivers of what one can only guess used to be onions.

It should be a crime.

And it is, at least to us. There is nothing fun about wanting to eat a healthier version of an Italian classic, and having those hopes dashed by a cheap and poorly made pizza. That is why we use organic and fresh ingredients on every single pizza we make, from start to finish.

organic flour                                               mozzarella, Parmesan


That means organic flour, cheese, tomatoes, and of course greens.

We source our kale, green onions, and asparagus from natural farms that do not use pesticides to grown their produce. We prep these items the day of every service to guarantee their fresh taste and fire roast them as you order your personal hand-crafted pizza.


Don’t see a combination that you like? Ask any of our chefs for substitutions or alterations, and because we make every pizza to order, we can make an exception for you. We are even delighted to make suggestions for your order that will take your meal from delicious to dynamic!

We believe that every person should have a pizza that makes their day that much more amazing, whether they be vegan, vegetarian, and or die hard fans of pepperoni and sausage. Try our pizza today, and taste the artisan difference for yourself.