When people think ‘wedding’ what comes to mind the most is elegance, class, and a beautiful exchange of emotion in a loving and supportive atmosphere. Shortly there after are the details and this primarily includes what to serve. We had the significant pleasure of catering an exceptional wedding recently, and have at least 5 reasons why our pizza should be at the top of your list.

 We Come with Appetizers
What is an elegant party without a sophisticated array of tempting bites passed around on trays for all of your guests to enjoy. We have a preselected menu of mouthwatering apps for you to try which can be customized in order to appeal to anyone’s needs. If there is something you desire, you can bet we will find a way to make it happen.

Servers at your Service
Not every catering company can boast having the ability to provide it’s own serving staff in addition to organic gourmet fare. We do our best to take the stress out of your event and can even assist in the initial setup and deconstruction of your special day

We Blend with Any Decor
We know, pizza seems more like a cozy stay-at-home kind of meal. Yet we find that more and more wedding parties of all sorts of themes enjoying our aesthetic and service. From rustic and country to simple and ornate there isn’t an event that we cannot execute smoothly.

Our Pizza is a Gourmet Experience
Tables laden with flowers, glowing with candles and offering classic Italian food for all of your guests to enjoy. Then there is the actual pizza, Neapolitan-style crispy thin crusted pie’s loaded with organic vegetables, cured meats and rich cheeses. You choose your favorites and we hand make each and every single one then cook it in a real wood-fire oven.

Cake and Dessert are Included
Not all companies can specialize in savory as well as they do in sweet, but we are the exception. From simple sweets like cookies to more complex miniature pies, all the way up to three tiered cakes.

When you plan with The Urban Oven, you plan with the best. Choose us for your nuptials to experience the wood-fired difference, and may we say congratulations to the new happy couple.