Pizza is a favored food around the world that is literally thousands of years old. There are so many variations to this delightful dish that it is difficult to say what the ‘right’ way of making it is, although it’s almost a no-brainer when it comes to taste. At the Urban Oven, we have decided to stick to one type of pizza with a modern twist, and that is the ever loved Neapolitan-style pizza.

  Neapolitan pizza is such a specific variation of pizza, in fact it’s so special that in 1984 Naples, Italy created a series  of requirements that must be met if a restaurant hopes to receive the much coveted Verace Pizza Napoletana certification. While we are not exactly preoccupied with this, we do uphold the need for quality flour, hand-stretching our dough and of course the most important part, the char.

marg and crust

Cooking with a wood-fired oven means cooking quickly in temperatures that range from 700-900 degrees Ferenheight on a stone floor. This of course means the crust, if cooked properly, will get just the right amount of char coloring. Char adds a smoky flavor to the pizza, a crunchy texture, and is an indication that the oven is at the perfect temperature to make each individual pizza right every single time.

We know that there are lovers of pan pizza, deep dish, and unfortunately the buttery sponge-like crusts that are common in frozen and commercial pizza. We have no problem accommodating the needs of our patrons, we can cook any pizza slightly lighter than normal for a more chewy and golden crust. But, if you’re a true pizza lover of the authentic style of Italian pizza, then you know the value of a perfectly charred crust and appreciate the smoky savory flavor it lends.

Some like it charred, and we like to make sure that it is.

prosciutto and crust