Although there are plenty of “white” pizza creations that satisfy those dinner cravings, tomato sauce is still a necessary ingredient for true pizza lovers. It is the zesty and vibrant flavor that layers perfectly between a crispy thin crust and cheesy roasted toppings. We are often asked about what makes our sauce so special and we have one answer:  the basics.

We use organic plum and San Marzano tomatoes that have been stewed in their own juices. The concentrated flavor in these particular types of tomato make for a richer and thicker sauce.


Using plenty of large organic Sweet Basil leaves bring out earthy and spicy flavor notes, creating an exceptional base.

basil bunch

Adding the perfect amount of sweet and salty amplifies this simple sauce which has become a trademark flavor in many of our recipes.


Truly artisan pizza is crafted, with each flavor adding purpose and complexity to its satisfying taste.