Crisp morning air leading into warm afternoon sun. Organic fruits and vegetables in colorful abundance, spread on table after table while sweet and seasonal samples are enticingly placed. Farmer’s Market’s are everything wonderful about a relaxing Saturday Morning, and the San Pedro Waterfront Farmer’s Market will be no less promising.

We are new to the San Pedro area, but we invite one and all to come  and join us in the morning for one of our savory breakfast pizzas.

Our specialty, The Mattino, is a white pizza that incorporates a base of thinly sliced rainbow potatoes. It’s followed with Grana, a smooth and nutty cheese that pairs perfectly with sweet apple-wood smoked bacon while one raw egg  is cracked directly in the center. After a few minutes roasting in our wood-fired oven, we sprinkle this morning delight with salt and pepper. Easily the tastiest way to start a wonderful day.


The Mattino Pizza


Of course we are more than happy to serve any of our signature or classic pizzas for the perfect lunch treat to share with family and friends. As always, we will provide a selection of combinations that are gauranteed to tantalize even the pickiest of palates.

Try our vegetarian classic Margherita. A hand stretched crispy pizza topped with homemade pomodoro, thick slices of authentic buffalo mozzarella cheese, fresh picked basil, extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of kosher sea salt to finish.


Or our fulfilling and meaty Fennel Sausage Pizza. A special blend of herbs, spices, and seasonings come together to flavor our in-house sausage which sizzles on a bed of pomodoro and shredded mozzarella. A healthy shake of fennel pollen enhances this savory Italian classic, making its flavor memorable and crave-worthy.

Whatever your choice, we have a reputation for exceeding expectations. Try us for yourself, and welcome us into the area as your new favorite treat.