There’s something special about the The Urban Oven. It’s not just our use of organic ingredients or our authentic Italian wood-fired oven, although these are very unique aspects of our company. It’s not even our artisan style which fits perfectly into every occasion, from weddings to baby showers to dinner parties. What makes us so special is that we tailor each of our catered events to our clients and their guests because we want it to be just as wonderful as you do.


Have you ever called a company to inquire about their prices and what they are willing to do for you as an individual, only to discover a generically set menu, with generically set flavors, and generically set desserts? No offense to other companies, but white pre-frosted cake is not always a crowd pleaser.

At The Urban Oven, we want to work with your needs specifically to make sure your event runs smooth and without a hitch. We always bring extra supplies, and we monitor all of the dishes we make just for you to ensure their freshness. If your guests don’t take to a particular pizza, no problem, we are there on site to give them exactly what they want.

Allergies and special diets are seem to be our specialty. Ask us about our gluten free options, request a vegan or vegetarian pizza, and anything else that comes to mind.



(*Pictured: Pure Vanilla Panna Cotta topped with fresh cut fruit minus the chocolate layer as requested)

Everything we make is by hand, one ingredient at a time. There is no request too big or too small if it means you and your guests will have an excellent experience by our hand. We are in the business of making exquisite food and creating exceptional memories.

Call us whenever you’re ready and find out just how much we are willing to do for you.